Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep within the earth. Fracking makes it possible to produce natural gas extraction in shale plays that were once unreachable with conventional technologies.

One of the largest producers of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of onshore wells in the U.S. has chosen to deploy the FlexTain™ robotically pre-manufactured pure polyurea containment liner system. This durable and re-usable system delivers cost savings significant strength and durability advantages over traditional secondary containment liners. FlexTain™ can also be re-used from location to location without significant additional cost by cutting it apart, rolling it up, transporting to the new site, and then installing as normal by seaming overlapping edges with new polyurea.

FlexTain Installation

Installed Containment Panels