Polyurea Liners with VF-380Tank Liners, Bed Liners, Pond Liners more. Polyurea lining technology boasts excellent chemical resistance to many liquids with high build thickness characteristics, rapidly drying finishes and very low perm ratings. Polyurea is ideal for use in a variety of waterproofing, corrosion control, immersion and lining applications.

Polyurea coatings and lining systems can be applied over a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, geotextile, wood and more) in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. Polyurea’s have remarkable advantages and fast set characteristics and like all coating systems there is no excuse not to perform proper surface preparation and quality control testing during application.

Polyurea offers excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces and is used as an alternative to epoxy, polyurethane, fiberglass and other mat reinforced lining systems. Polyurea coatings combine high tensile strength and elongation properties with low permeability and high impact resistance, making them ideal where a tough, flexible (or hard) liner is needed.

Polyurea is commonly used as a material for lining primary containment tanks as well as a lining system for secondary containment structures. Many of the world’s sea aquariums have turned to polyurea lining technology due to its fast set return to service characteristics, ability to achieve UV stable colors, and its superior physical properties over conventional linings.

Polyurea is also used extensively in the water and wastewater industries and are ideal liners for most water tanks, including salt water. Polyurea can even withstand most chemical gasses produced at waste treatment plants. Several polyurea systems are available for Potable Water applications and are USDA-acceptable and NSF-approved to ANSI-NSF 61 Standard for potable water storage.

Polyureas are also recommended for lining large diameter pipes, manholes, clear wells and process tanks for potable water and non-potable water, basins and reservoirs, lift stations and reserve fire water tanks.

Polyureas contain no VOCs, and are also available in brush grade for touchup and repairs and caulk grade for horizontal joints.