Secondary Containment Liner

The leading polyurea secondary containment liner material manufacturer is VersaFlex.

VersaFlex’s VF-380 is often imitated, but never duplicated. VF-380 is a 100% pure polyurea specifically formulated for secondary containment. It is designed to shrink far less than standard and hybrid PUA systems (<1%) and the VF-380 is the only polyurea designed to bond back to itself without preparation.*

Unlike hybrid materials and other supplier’s polyurea systems that are simply “used” for secondary containment, VersaFlex’s VF-380 is specifically designed with the necessary physical properties and processing characteristics needed to meet the harsh demands of the oil patch.

VF-380 Pure Polyurea can be applied at a thickness of 10 to 200 mils in a single application or in temperatures as low as -20ºF. It is the liner material of choice when applied over geotextile, and can also be applied over concrete and steel.

Liner shrinkage is a serious issue for containment projects and the environment too. Shrinkage can easily pull metal containment walls down, tear posts out of the ground, separate and stretch the liner off the substrate, and lead to cracks, leaks and more.

Don’t let shrinkage ruin your next containment job. Use VersaFlex VF-380 Pure Polyurea.

Link to VersaFlex’s VF-380 Pure Polyurea for Secondary Containment


* If the liner has been in the field / exposed, you will need prep depending on type and level of exposure.