Pre-Manufactured Containment Liners using a geotextile and pure polyurea composite membrane represent some of the newest and most efficient secondary containment technologies available. Robotically manufactured pre sprayed polyurea liners provide high performance solutions for all containment sizes.

The pure polyurea liners are manufactured in-plant by computer controlled robot as opposed to being sprayed by hand in the field. The robotic, in-plant technology eliminates many field inconsistencies and environmental variables that can adversely affect the quality of the final liner and the length of time of installation.

Robotic Pre-manufactured Liners provide:

  • Uniform thickness and quality control (applied by robot, not human)
  • Lower cost of production, installation
  • Installation does not require as much manpower or spray equipment (only seaming is done in field)
  • Reduces weather related delays inherent with field spray installations
  • Can be installed in virtually all weather conditions
  • Virtually eliminates property damage from overspray
  • Reduces human error due to fatigue or experience

Pre-manufactured liners are also re-usable and extremely durable because of the pure polyurea coating technology being used.